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Video: Ruggedized Switches Withstand Pressure Spikes

Ruggedized pressure switches have a stable switching response and a long lifecycle in the face of temperature extremes, moisture, chemicals, vibration, shock and pressure spikes—the biggest threat of all. Our high quality switches have a number of design features that help withstand these spikes. Check out this video now.

Press Release

New Sigma-Netics Pressure Switch for Environmental Protection

Riverdale, NJ, February 17, 2016 – Sigma-Netics has introduced a new pressure switch, Model 784, that meets IP67 protection standards.

The 784 thrives in tough environments that subject the switch to oil, fuel, water, dust, vibration or shock.

This pressure switch is ideal for applications with limited installation space – including off-road and industrial equipment, train braking systems, compactors and compressors.

Technical advantages include:

  • A snap-action electrical switch tested to 1 million cycles.
  • Deutsch 3-pin connection.
  • Gold contact switches for dry circuit applications.
  • High overpressure capability.
  • Custom configuration.
  • High shock and vibration survivability.
  • Compatibility with corrosive media.

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Blog Pressure Switches

How To Make Pressure Switches That Last

Simple design principles for harsh operating conditions

Pressure Switch White Paper

Ruggedized pressure switches play a critical role in failure-intolerant applications. At Sigma-Netics, we define rugged as a stable switching response and long lifecycle in the face of seven failure modes—pressure spikes, leaks, temperature extremes, moisture, chemical exposure, vibration and shock loads.

Switches that can withstand these life-ending failure modes have three design principles in common. They tend to have a piston rather than diaphragm design. They have carefully designed pressure management features and seals. And they use materials and construction methods that mitigate chemical and moisture exposures, as well as thermal expansion mismatches.

In our latest white paper, we’ll take a closer look at some design principles of ruggedized pressure switches.

Download the white paper.