Sensing Elements Take Front and Center On Our New Website

At Sigma-Netics, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new website, which has made it easier than ever for you to learn about our new line of pressure transducers. Thanks to the site’s sleek, user-friendly design, you can also explore our technical resources, configure your own sensing element, learn about our company and more.

Browse our products with ease. Whether high pressures, radiation or fatiguing conditions—it doesn’t matter. Our ruggedized sensing elements stand up to the toughest industrial and aerospace applications with high accuracy and reliability. You can find more information about our high-performance products on our newly designed homepage, as well as on the navigation bar along the top.

Get a quote for sensing elements in just a few clicks. You can specify and receive a quick quote for our pressure switches, pressure transducers and metal bellows. Simply click here to fill out your contact information and application details. You also have the option to upload and send us any drawings or related files if you need a custom configuration.

Explore our technical resources. Toward the bottom of our homepage, you’ll find a sampling of our latest technical resources, including featured videos, white papers and blog posts. For a deeper dive into this content, you can click on “technology resources” at the top of our site.

Learn more about our company. In addition to learning more about our products, you can learn more about our company—including our history, manufacturing capabilities, quality certifications and job openings. We even have an option for you to provide us with feedback as part of our quality management system.

To get started, check out our new home page.

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Explore the SST 74X-UV Pressure Transducer In Our New Video

Check out this quick overview of our SST 74X-UV Submersible Vehicle Depth Pressure Transducer. This compact, 90-gram model features shallow diaphragm sensors and a configurable flange design for outboard or inboard bulkhead installation. Units include an all-welded hermetic construction that resists shock and vibration.

The SST 74X-UV Series is ideal for many demanding applications, including unmanned underwater vehicles, salt spray environments, high-viscosity fluid applications and more. You can learn more about its features and specifications in our latest video.