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Explore the SST 74X-UV Pressure Transducer In Our New Video

Check out this quick overview of our SST 74X-UV Submersible Vehicle Depth Pressure Transducer. This compact, 90-gram model features shallow diaphragm sensors and a configurable flange design for outboard or inboard bulkhead installation. Units include an all-welded hermetic construction that resists shock and vibration.

The SST 74X-UV Series is ideal for many demanding applications, including unmanned underwater vehicles, salt spray environments, high-viscosity fluid applications and more. You can learn more about its features and specifications in our latest video.

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Explore Our Radiation-Tolerant MV/V Pressure Transducer [Video]

The SST 64X-RT Series is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications—from satellite propulsion systems to reactor pressure management. Learn more about its features and specifications in our latest video.

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Satisfying the Unique Pressure Sensing Needs of Submersible Vehicles

Recent growth in unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) across several industries is also creating a need for depth transducers that can satisfy unique sensing and instrumentation requirements. Not only must UUVs operate in difficult conditions, their designs are as varied as their missions. That’s why we introduced a depth measurement device for use with submersible vehicles — the SST 74X-UV Series transducer.

Sigma-Netics SST74X UV Transducer

Our SST 74X-UV transducer meets the submersible industry’s demand for precise depth measurement, boasting accuracy of ±0.15 percent full scale output (FSO) total error band (TEB). The sensor is also versatile, featuring a configurable-flange design that allows outboard or inboard bulkhead installation along with digital and analog outputs to allow designers to connect to their choice of instrumentation. Additional features and specifications include:

  • An easily cleanable wetted area.
  • Outer diameter: 0.75 inches (19 millimeters) max.
  • Lightweight: <0.2 pounds (90 grams).
  • Standard ranges: 0-100, 250, 500, -750, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000, 10000 psia/psig/psis.
  • Wetted parts made from 15-5 PH stainless steel or Inconel.

Greater Design Freedom

The SST 74X-UV is the latest in our growing line of Sigma-Netics pressure transducers that perform in harsh operating environments. By combining accurate pressure sensing with a configurable-flange design and both analog and digital outputs, the SST 74X-UV transducer gives engineers the freedom they need to implement depth measurement into their UUV designs.

For more information about Sigma-Netics’ SST SST 74X-UV depth transducer, visit

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Flush-Mount Pressure Switches—And Transducers Too

Food, pharmaceutical and chemical processes often use tubular equipment to mix, transport or store materials. In these applications, it’s a good idea to keep any internal switches or sensors from protruding too far into the tube—where they can create a toehold for material buildup or impede flow. That’s where our newest pressure switch design comes into play.

This custom switch’s sensing element has been designed and manufactured to match the interior curvature of a specific food processing machine. The only part that protrudes into the flow within the machine is a low-profile, seamless seal that provides no place for materials to hang up during production.

While this particular flush-mount switch was designed for a specific use, the same approach can be applied to a wide variety of processing machines. We can alter the design of the switch for tubular structures with internal diameters as small as three inches.

We’ve also created a similar design for flush-mount pressure transducers.

Click here to learn more about our custom pressure switch capabilities.